Explosion APL - Amateur Passing League

Home to Missouri's best 7v7. We welcome the football specific athlete as well as the multi-sport athlete who can’t attend every game to come have fun and get better. APL's minimal contact game decreases the likelihood of serious injury.

This 7-on-7 passing league incorporates non-contact play with proper fundamentals to provide growth and skill development for youth. League play includes every-down passing on a 40-yard field with all players participating on offense and defense. Football at every level has become dominated by the pass as offenses and defenses become more complex and player safety is emphasized. YPL provides proper training to thrive and adapt to the constant changes of the sport. YPL league play provides a fun, encouraging and safe environment for football's next generation of stars in the passing game to polish their skills on both sides of the ball and prepare for the upcoming season.