Our mission is offer a comprehensive program which reflects the interests of our student-athletes to compete at the highest possible level. Our program provides a worthwhile experience for our students-athletes by teaching them basic principles of perfecting athletic skills, amateur competition, competitive integrity, and good sportsmanship.


Above all we seek to provide our student athletes with a level of quality training and coaching which leads to recognized athletic achievement at their respective teams while contributing to their social development and preparing them for meaningful productive lives both on and off the field. We are committed to developing student-athletes.  


Accordingly, all of our efforts are guided by certain values we believe to be essential elements of fulfilling this task:





By their very nature, athletics inevitably involve character development; for this reason especially, we encourage our young men to carry themselves with utmost integrity and treat others with respect. Our athletes are to be at all times honest ad forthright in our interactions with teammates, neighbors, competition and everyone we come in contact with.


Personal Development

Our primary purpose is to promote the personal growth and physical development well being of our student athletes. To guide and mentor them to become the best they can be in sports and in life. It is our goal to foster the Ideals, standards, and value systems which will enable them to grow athletically, and mentally to attain greatness on and off the field of play.


We believe in and care about the success of every athlete that comes to our program. It is our dedication to building and winning in the broadest possible sense. We compete to win as individuals, as teammates, and as representatives of various communities. We clearly understand that the success of any one person is always the result of dedicated efforts on the part of many people. We celebrate achievements as a team.



Dedicated to excellence distinguishes our coaching, training and mentoring at all times and is reflected in the performance of all our athletes. Our goal is to maintain a model athletic program which other programs and teams may wish to emulate.