What are the different age divisions?


APL: Depending on registration numbers, we will have three different age divisions. Yes, your child can play a different age level depending on skill level, but that determination will be made by APL after you make the request.
- Rookie School Division: Rising 4th and 5th graders*

- Pro Division:Rising 5th and 6th graders*
- Elite Division: Rising 7th and 8th graders*

* Depending on registration the age groups may change
**QBs can use whatever football size that they will have for upcoming season.


When does season begin and end?


Season is set to begin 5/13/2019 and end 6/30/2019 with tournament. These dates are subject to change due to weather, facility issues, etc.


What if we can’t participate the whole season?


APL: That is perfectly fine! We set our teams up where there are enough players on each team even if some are missing. Our league is about developing the athletes. We know that summer is a busy time. Anytime spent with YPL will beneficial!


What is time commitment?


APL: The time commitment is only 4 hours total per week! Last year our games/practices were on Thursday and Sunday evenings. No player will be penalized for having other commitments.


What if my son plays other sports?


Don’t let that stop you from participating in our league. We try and keep the time commitment at a minimal. We totally understand other sports, vacations, camps, etc. are always a major part of the summer. Our league is more of a developmental league more so than an ultimate “WIN WIN WIN” league. In the past, a lot of our athletes played other sports and had other commitments and still thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate when available.


What if I do not have a team?


That is totally fine. We will make sure each player is placed on a team that is coached. Our teams are coached by current and former college/high school players or coaches.


Can I bring my own team and participate?


Yes. You can bring your own team and participate at one location or travel to different locations and play against different teams in different areas.


How do game days work?


Each game day we split the players on different teams as even as possible to play games. Our goal is to get each player as many game reps as possible and an opportunity to work with all of our coaches. Each game day players will play at least two 25 minute games.