Our life skills curriculum is built to help prevent our student athletes from recognize and navigate some of the pitfalls of life.  Our life skills curriculum is based on 4 pillars: financial freedom, entrepreneurship, community service and conflict resolution.  


Financial Freedom:

Financial freedom is based on 3 important points: the importance of credit, investing and debt free life style.  Teaching kids at a young age how to invest, manage credit and living a debt free life style by teaching them how interest works leads to long term financial success.


By nature athletes have a certain amount of competitive fire, there are companies who have built multi-billion dollar companies based solely on the competitive nature of former athletes.  Teaching student athletes how to turn that same competitive energy into their own financial empire is life changing and allows them to build generational wealth.  

Speakers Bureau:

We provide our student athletes the opportunity to learn various career pathways thru speakers bureaus to open their minds to the possibilities of careers that they may never otherwise have been exposed too.