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The journey of Khylan Nevils-Reed

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The journey of Khylan Nevils-Reed

Explosion Sports academy produces young elite student athletes almost each year. Khylan Reed is one of many who was able to get through the program and achieve all he had planned to accomplish before getting to college. Although he was only in the Flight program for a year, he feels he learned a better craft of being a wide receiver (WR), and learned discipline and confidence. Khylan is currently a junior in college at Wash U, studying neuroscience and neurotechnology. His plans are to get his Masters degree and or his Doctorate degree, and hopes to start his own research on mental and neurological sciences.

Khylan says he is not a student athlete, he prefers the term “Scholar Champion”. Being a young African American male already comes with its hardships. However for Khylan, being a “Scholar Champion” is something he takes great pride in. He says his experience with the Flight program helped him through his scholarly activities. The program not only gave him the tools to be a great athlete, but also the tools to achieve his goals. Khylan feels the most important thing to do when being a student athlete is to prioritize your time. He states you must find a balance between school work and team work. Networking and communicating with his peers, and coaches was a very effective way to navigate the life of a “Scholar Champion”.

Outside of being a part of the Flight program, Khylan has been developing his own business; NeuroKX. “NeuroKX is a black-owned startup conglomerate that researches, develops, and commercializes various advanced technologies.” He goes on to say “My goal is to cultivate an international research network for current and aspiring Black and Brown Technologists.” By creating this business Khylan hopes to give back to the black and brown communities. NeuroKX is designed for black and brown technologists so that they can have an environment of their own to do their research. Being with the Flight program sculpted Khylan into the amazing Scholar Champion he is today. Studying neuroscience, being a college athlete, & building a brand for himself, are all intense activities. According to Khylan though, having balance will help with the workload.

To the younger Flight academy athletes Khylan wants to let you all know that; “Regardless of the situation you're in, if you are in the flight program then you've been blessed with the ability to play football at a high level and also the ability to think beyond the next 10 min of your life.” He also says make sure you all are motivated. “Get your Why’s together...whether it's to serve God, get your family in a better situation, to become wealthy, etc. Make sure you keep them close to your heart as your journey continues to the next level”.

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