All of our programs are scientifically based and are built around the sport that our athletes play. They are built for athletes of any age, any sport, and any level. Our certified training staff prides itself on using experience, creativity, and continuing education to provide our athletes with the best training techniques available. Whether it’s one on one, small group, or team training, ESA is committed to provide ALL of our athletes with the values and principles needed to achieve success in sports and in life.

           PREP TRAINING

Our Prep programs focus entirely on building a foundation for a successful athlete. The programs are designed to develop basic fundamentals of proper technique and perfect form. Running mechanics are another focal point of the program as athletes must work on the proper bio-mechanics in order to progress. PREP athletes are challenged every session through simple movements using mainly their own body weight. Our trainers put an emphasis on hard work while maintaining the "fun"in youth development. Expect your son or daughter to be motivated in a way which will bring valuable confidence in their everyday life.


The PREP Elite program progresses on the foundation built at the Prep level. PREP Elite's continue to master proper mechanics and form, but will begin to implement resistance training and higher level conditioning. Elite strength and speed programs will go beyond simple technique introducing explosiveness and multi-directional work, maturing each athletes performance within their sport. Athletes will learn to maximize their workout intensity in order to prepare for the next level of training, PROSPECT training.



PROSPECT Training is a full program that incorporates core, stability, dynamic balance, speed work, and strength training. This non-stop insane workout is designed to improve your overall conditioning pushing your strength, endurance, and most importantly mental thresholds. The program consists of constantly varied training techniques designed to make athletes proficient in all forms of movement at a high intensity level leaving no deficiencies in your training.When you Grind....You shine!!!

           TEAM TRAINING


Team TrainingPlay as ONE…Train as ONE!Working together as a team in a competitive environment generates a higher level of camaraderie and respect between athletes. ESA is dedicated to work with teams in order to construct a plan that meets or exceeds team expectations. At ESA, our programs are designed to progress each team beyond its competition by means of hard work, competition, and character building.



Current Programs:•Prep Training - SAQ (Strength, Agility, Quickness)•Prep Elite Training - SAQ (Strength, Agility, Quickness)•Prospect Training - SAQ (Strength, Agility, Quickness)•Vertimax Training•Combine Training