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The goal of the Explosion Sports Academy West Foundation is to provide young people an opportunity to learn and grow thru the sport that they love.  ESA West Foundation is a Missouri based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to bridge a disconnect that exists between local student athletes’ athletic prowess and their failure to shift that talent past their sport.


Explosion Sports Academy West Foundation is a mentoring program developed to assist underprivileged, at-risk inner city youth, leverage their sport and academic capabilities to obtain scholarships to attend college.  We serve students of all races, our target is minority student-athletes pursuing post-secondary education who are bright, talented, high-achieving individuals that would not otherwise have an opportunity for higher education.

To accomplish our mission the ESA West Foundation provides financial assistance, educational mentorship, athletic, weight, speed & agility training while also instilling social responsibility in the students thru our community service endeavors, character building & academic support via focused tutoring sessions for both school and ACT/SAT Prep.   

ESA West Foundation fills a void in a community where youth are often not taught that academic achievement should come before sports. The ESA West Foundations mission produces professionals on and off the field."

Explosion Sports West Foundation gives student athletes in the 4th grade and up every advantage they need to be successful in taking their talents to the collegiate level. Not only are they provided with the athletic and nutritional based training but also the academic preparatory support.

  • Football Recruiting Services

  • Tutoring for School & ACT/SAT Prep

  • College application, essay & FAFSA assistance

  • Exposure via College Camps, Combines & Invitational’s

  • National and Regional College Tours

  • Character Building via Community Volunteerism

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