Game Changers

Game Changers is Explosion Sports West Foundation program that helps build wealth and distributes resources throughout our programs thru real estate acquisition.  While also providing minority contractor opportunities.

Four Phases of Game Changers:

  • Acquire real estate for rental or flip and sale to create a secondary revenue stream.

  • Allow families that are skilled laborers the opportunity to work on our projects. Every hour of service will go towards ESAWF (Flight) tuition.  For example 10 hrs of carpentry work on a project equals to $500 towards the student athletes $675 yearly tuition.

  • Our student athlete will have the opportunity to participate in our Wealth Builders program (earn and learn) on one of our projects doing demo, landscaping, drywall, painting etc. at $40 an hour.

  • Parents investment club – everyone of our parents will have an option to invest in our projects at a 18% to 20% ROI per project.  The 20% will be do between 91 and 120 days from the start of the project. 

    • For example 20 parents give $1,000 each which equals $20,000.  That $20,000 goes into one of our projects.  By the end of the 120 each parent will get 18% to 20% ROI


Wealth Builders: Is ESAWF Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Program.  Wealth builders primary focus will be on money, investing, stock market knowledge and real estate.

  • Students will go thru the financial coarse work while also having the opportunity of using a portion of the monies earned from working on a Game Changers project to invest in one of our real estate projects and/or learn and earn while investing in the stock market.