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Arther Green; Road to the NFL

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Explosion Sports Flight Academy trains and prepares many athletes for their football future. A number of these athletes go on to become NFL draft picks, number 1 college recruits, and scholar athletes. Exploding onto the training field in 2018 as a sophomore, Arther Green, made himself known. Arther graduated from Parkway Central, with the training from Flight Academy, and was the #1 recruit in the nation. Green played and graduated from Houston University with a major in Marketing Science. His next level football career started at juco and landed him in the 2023 NFL draft at the age of 22. 

Student athletes are made better through the Explosion Sports Flight Academy and Arther Green speaks on the impact the Academy had on his passion for football. “Joining flight was the turning point for me”, says Green. The competition, the team building, and the coaches, all pushed him to be the best product of himself. Green says the academy puts emphasis on “If you want something you gotta get it.” Explosion Sports Academy takes pride in fulfilling its athletes with determination and dedication. By doing so, these young men have developed a stronger understanding of the game and have constructed a solid foundation for them to stand on to achieve their goals. Green was able to experience the luxuries the academy had to offer and made lifetime bonds with coaches and peers. Coach Trevor was one of the many coaches that helped create a “good blueprint of what’s coming your way” states Green. Flight prepared him for the challenges college ball was going to bring. At the end of his freshman year at juco, Green tore his shoulder and was out for five months. However, he did not let that control his mind and emotions. Instead he kept the same mindset that he found through the Flight Academy and worked harder. 

Life as a student athlete does not come with a straight and narrow path. Creating a tight circle around you can help you power through the hard times. Green says, “Put your head down and work”. Stay focused on the task at hand no matter what life is throwing at you. Use your resources, your family, your peers, your coaches, and keep your faith. Arther says his family motivates him to be the best he can be, so he handles his business and leaves the rest up to God. Arther is receiving his masters and will be graduating in May, all while preparing for the NFL draft. He is very confident in himself and feels he has gained enough experience for the big leagues. His longtime goal is to be an Entrepreneur after about 8 years in the NFL or however long his body lasts. Arther understands hardwork and dedication and he wants younger student athletes to understand that same virtue; “Learn how to prioritize what’s important to you”. 

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