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Daniel Terry trusting the process

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

"Trust the process”


Many elite athletes are built through the Explosion Sports Academy West Foundation athletic and academy programs. Daniel Terry is one to know. With only a one year experience, he says he gained the exposure and talent needed to be a great student athlete. Daniel says being able to travel and play against other talented athletes from other states, gave him great competition to help perfect his own game. He also speaks on how the Flight Program showed him how to pay attention to detail.

“Playing with flight helped me to realize that life is bigger than football, bigger than sports. It’s about being coachable (learning from situations) and being able to apply new techniques and new knowledge to life. Coach Greg taught us to work hard at all times and to perform at the best of your ability. He instilled in us that we are the ones who control our destiny in life. You get out what you put in. Though we enjoyed playing the game and competing on a national level, we learned life skills that would carry us throughout our athletic career and well after”. Being on time, listening to your coaches, and working hard prepares you for the real world and the next level.

Being a student athlete comes with much responsibility. Daniel is a 19 year old junior attending Truman State University. He is studying Management and Marketing, and hopes to become an Entrepreneur. He also hopes to open up many Recreational Centers as well.

Daniel says to help maintain it all he stays organized and talks with his family. He also states that surrounding yourself around people on the same path, keeps you motivated and on track. He says, “The company you keep around tells a lot about you”. One thing that keeps Daniel motivated is his family. He stays focused on the many opportunities he can provide for them if he works hard to finish school. Another thing to understand is when to relax your body. Daniel says “You can play hurt not injured. Take care of your body”. He goes on to say he played football with something called “stingers”. During one game he says his shoulder popped out of place but he popped it right back in and kept going. Daniel shows great leadership and perseverance.

Outside of being a full time student athlete, Daniel enjoys mentoring & running his clothing line. He says he is always finding ways to give advice, coach, and or motivate. He sometimes texts his peers encouraging messages, and helpful tips. Daniel also has a company called OverGrind Clothing & Apparel (Based in St. Louis, MO). “The mission is to showcase quality success and be an inspiration to the youth of ethnic-minority groups while reaching a lifestyle of determination and focus. We look to become a casual brand as we release quality products and ensure our customers a quality experience”, says Daniel.

Not only is he his own CEO he also holds an internship position at the Boeing Company as a Financial Analyst.

Daniel has a very supportive spirit, and he feels good knowing he has helped out the next person. These characteristics all play a part in who Daniel is today. His dedication to working hard and providing for his family, his generous acts of mentoring, and his goal to open rec centers shows he is very sincere with what he does.

Understanding the importance of detail is what Daniel wants the younger Flight athletes to do. He says showing up to practice early and or on time, and giving it your all will show you that the little things matter. Being able to dedicate yourself to something is a huge responsibility, but understanding that there will be great outcomes for working hard will keep you motivated to keep going. Daniel says “Trust the process”.

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